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Barn Files

"Hay", my name is Thomas Muniak Sr.  I live near Geneva Ohio I lovingly call Hooterville. This is why I greet people with "hay". It is a great area, but my move from the city, Cleveland, to the country took some getting use to. Especially the utilities, or lack of them. I designed and built my own log home. It was an experience that I will NEVER forget. But I often try.

 METT stands for the members of my family Millie (Milagro), Erica, Thomas Jr. and me Thomas Sr. It was the first to many domains I bought.

   I'm a retired cop, from a college, (YES a real police office state certified just like city cops, but actually more jurisdiction). With my retirement came a massive life change. And I'm still adjusting to changes. Looking for a hobby I started to collect sports cards and spent way to much from 1998-2002. That got me on ebay, and I met some great guys and gals on the "Trading Card Board" of ebay. I now have well over 500,000 cards.

   Then somehow I started to get back into my animals, as I worked at an exotic pet shop as a kid 1992-1980. Life is strange. I worked there for about 6 years until my back issues just made it impossible. It got me out of the house, and I'll really miss that, plus my great customers. I do try to get in once in a while but not like I use to. They (Parma Pets) specialize in reptiles, but do a few other things. And over the last few years I have collected a few birds, most as rescues.  And chat in a few herp forums as HerpZillA.

At this time, I have 9 birds now. I use to have a bunch of reptiles, and that may return? We have 1 dog, 4 cats, 2 great kids, and the best wife in the world, just one.) My reptile collection is empty at this time.  Well one snake I caught in Texas, but she will be shipped to a friend back in Texas soon. Concentrating on psittacines for now. That would be parrots. But I will probably get a few reptiles again. 
Some pictures below.

Well, I had to get prepared for some changes in my life. I spent 2 years finding homes for my 4 Amazon parrots. I spent that time to make sure they had good homes. I needed to cut my collection down in size, because I need to  prepare my home for the future and that will require living on 1 floor. Unfortunately when I designed my log home, I was healthy and doing stairs on a regular basis was not an issue. So, I am in the middle of making changed to my home when I feel up to it. It is a slow process, but I certainly do have the time. But I do miss doing large home improvements when ever I wanted.

So,, I have far fewer birds, and that may have to be minimized again. I also picked up some western hognose snakes. Always one of my favorites, and easy to care for. When they want to eat lol.

Some day, I want to add a couple of smaller chameleons, as I really love lizards first, when it comes to a reptile fix.

Our home, A nice bridge and a few photos of my ugly mug and my great family.
Our Home Hooterville Bridge

Me many many years ago with Jackie the chimp at the Cleveland Zoo. My police years Me after to many stops at the donut shop!

My pets, some rescue parrots.
And My Family

Carol (male left)
Pretty Girl (right)
Foghorn Leghorn

April and me Miss Prissy

Big Bert

and Ernie

My daughters Nanday Oscar (is now Os-ca, as he laid some eggs)

My wife and I My Kids

1979 at Case Western Reserve University


Our first Christmas (my favorite picture ever)


My little girl's high school graduation.

My boy with his little sis.